The Background

  TungHai University is located in the middle center of Taiwan. Important industries of precision machinery, metal processing, machine tools and bicycles are also located nearby and are strongly developed in the Tai-Chung areas. As a result, well developed links of academy-industry corporations between local industries and the University were established ever since the funded of the University.

  Being a Christian University, students, professors, and members of the university has been guided by the beliefs of "Truth attained through faith expression by deeds." Under this motto, we are sharing and transferring our beliefs, knowledge, and research results to all. Following the principle, members of the university also committed to enhance and to provide our academic energy, research results, technologies, and products, to support to the grow of local industries and to benefit mutually. 

  Since 2003, sciences and technologies of nanotechnology were developing internationally and domestically, whereas large-scale human resources and materials were invested, the Executive Yuan approved budgets and assigned the Central Science Park in Tai-Chung as the main base of the nanotechnology, to provide material, engineers and technologies to support the local industries of precision machinery, optoelectronics, aerospace and biotechnology and others. Seize the opportunity, Center of Nanotechnology of TungHai University was established.

  During the period, the Center makes full use of its geographical advantages. We coordinated the manpower and resources in nanometer science and technology, promoted cross-cutting research, build up teams for teaching collaborations, and actively participated in the government-led research and projects. On the other hand, the center cooperated with the domestic and international research institutions to enhance our academic reputation and competitiveness. Along with the development of the Central Science Park, the Center has also become one of the national recognized Center of Nanotechnology. 

  Driven by the tide of industrial 4.0, automation, that intelligent technology and digital transformation are the keys for the industrial upgrading, recently developed technologies and business of Internet of Things (IoTs) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) become the backbones of the next and the future of all industries. To cope with this opportunity, a new division of “Advanced and Intelligent System” is added to and is in developing in the Center.

  In addition to the original functions and provisions of nanotechnology, members of the “Advanced and Intelligent System” is dedicated to providing full range of solutions (services and products) for all industries with a use of "IoTs” and “ICTs.”